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Merck formally recognized Goldner with their 2013 West Point Site Contactor Safety Award “for demonstrating exemplary safety performance and setting the standard for other contractors to follow in the effective management of their safety programs.”

Goldner was also added to the Merck West Point Annual Contractor Safety Award plaque that reads: “Merck & Inc. recognizes firms for their commitment to the vision of an accident free workplace and to their superior day-to-day performance. Through proper planning, training, consistent adherence to Merck West Point safety practices and procedures, and through deep management commitment to workers’ safety, these firms have earned this recognition from their colleagues at Merck & Co., Inc.”

This award was initiated by Merck in 1994 with Goldner as a recipient so it’s very nice to be back on the list.

We want to thank everyone that contributed in our receiving this award and we appreciate your continued efforts in working and thinking safe.


Steve Williams, Herman Goldner, and the Goldner Safety Committee

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