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Environmental, Health & Safety

The Herman Goldner Company safety program has four key elements:

1. Management Commitment
2. Hazard Identification and Correction
3. Education and Training
4. Employee Involvement

To further these four elements the Herman Goldner Company Safety Program includes:

• Active Safety Committee »

Monthly safety meetings are conducted by executive management and attended by staff and field representatives. Herman Goldner, the CEO of the Company, attends and participates in these monthly meetings. Incidents, hazards, recognizing employees who contributed to the safety efforts in the field, and training needs are among the topics addressed each month.
• Safety Observation Sighting (SOS) Program »
The Herman Goldner Company SOS program is a formal procedure where personnel report substandard or noteworthy field conditions affecting employee safety and health to both the site and the Herman Goldner Company management so that prompt corrective action can be taken. Employees are recognized for participating in the program and personally addressing safety hazards by being awarded cash rewards between $25.00 and $100.00 for SOS reports.
• Weekly Safety Training »
Safety toolbox talks are conducted every week at every construction job site, using training and information materials prepared for the mechanical trades. The Company uses toolbox talks specific to mechanical trades. In addition, the Herman Goldner Company has implemented a web-based safety training program for those employees, such as Service Technicians, who do not routinely work at a fixed site. Employee attendance is mandatory, documented, and periodically reviewed.

Safety Orientation

Every new employee receives an orientation to the Company policies and procedures and a copy of the Safety Handbook produced by the Mechanical Contractors’ Association. These handbooks review of safety and health issues specific to the mechanical trades and contain more than 50 topics and more than 40 color graphics for pipefitting, plumbing and HVAC service work. Company drivers are also provided with a drivers manual of rules and regulations pertaining to the use of company vehicles.

• Specialized Training »

• Personal Protective Equipment »
• Safety Equipment »
• Health Control »
• Written Program »
• Safety Award Program »
• Site Inspections »
• Job Safety Planning »
• Analysis of Safety Performance »

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